1/10–9/12 2019

We have transformed the space below the former statue of the dictator Stalin into an audio-visual exposition. Here, we are confronted by the most crucial moments of Czechoslovak modern history and, foremost, two of its totalitarianisms, Nazism and Communism, including the heroism of the Second World War, the fates of political prisoners, dissent, informers, the Prague Spring, August 1968, Normalization, and November 1989.

What to expect?

In the left part of the column-hall under Stalin (Testimony), you will be able to listen in on unique stories from the Paměti národa (Memory of the Nation) collection. These narratives are separated into nine different periods, each of which is dedicated a roughly five minute video.

In the right part (Images), you will find a multimedia installation. Here, powerful moments of 20th century are presented. You will suddenly become a witness of the dogfights of the Battle of Britain or find yourself caught up in a death transport, a StB interrogation, or a demonstration of November 1989.

In addition to visiting the exhibition under the present-day Metronome, you will also be able to immerse yourself in the Paměti národa (Memory of the Nation) stories which are displayed on the various panels in front of the entrance to the exhibition, as well as around Letná Park. And you will definitely not be able to miss another part of the exhibition – a monument at the original site of the Stalin statue. A symbol of censorship, un-freedom, and the violent division of the world.

Visiting the exhibition

Mon–Fri 8:30–19:00
Sat–Sun 10:00–19:00

We're now open on mondays!

Your ticket is valid for the Images exhibition for a one-time visit during the period specified on the ticket. It is valid for the Testimony exhibition for the duration of the day on which it was purchased.

On weekdays between 8:30–14:30, registered school groups are given priority over individual visitors.

please plan for a visit of approximately 60-90 minutes

The exhibition runs from the 1st of October to the 9th of December, 2018.

the venue

Find us at Lentenské sady (map) under the former Stalin statue, today’s Metronome.

The best way here is with the public transport system (MHD)!

basic admission / adult 100 CZK

Ticket sales end at 18:00.

free of charge

children and youth to 18 years old
students above 18 years old
seniors above 65 years old
persons with disabilities (with ZTP or ZTP/P card or similar international identification) + chaperon
members of the Friends of Memory of the Nation Club

school groups with teachers (no more than 30 people)
must be previously registered to enter


This exhibition is recommended for children over 10 years of age.

The exhibition is not recommended for people with epilepsy or respiratory issues.


box office

+420 723 265 190


Jana Holcová
+420 777 800 184

group reservations

Olga Plchová
+420 602 962 051


Zbyněk Jurkovský
+420 724 928 724

organizers and authors

the organizer

Post Bellum, o. p. s.
+420 257 316 966


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Thank you

We thank everyone who has financially supported the exhibition and made its creation possible!



    • Jan Dobrovský
    • Petr Pudil
    • Inka a Pavel Müllerovi